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Christmas goodies on the way! πŸ€ΆπŸŽ„βœ¨

In exactly one month from now, on December 5th, I’ll be participating in my very first Christmas market with My Woolen Friends! So, I thought this is a good opportunity and time to write a little bit about my Christmas related woolen friends. 😊


Christmas is without a doubt the most loved and anticipated holiday season of the year, for which many prepare very intensely. You want to create the most beautiful experience for yourselves and your loved ones, which includes the best of everything: the best foods & drinks, the most beautiful Christmas trees and decorations, the best presents and most positive and lasting memories.
This is why, this winter, my main focus has been on Christmas decorations and ornaments for your Christmas tree! πŸŽ„


Before going into all available decorations and their designs, I would like to tell you a few general facts/ information about the My Woolen Friends decorations:

  1. They are all made entirely and 100% out of wool!
    Now, some creators would use a styropor ball as a base for such ornaments, in order to save costs and time. All of the My Woolen Friends creations (not just the ornaments) are made entirely (inside-out) out of wool. The main reason as to why I create everything out of wool is because of one of my mission, that is to be as environmentally friendly as I can. Of course, this decision reflects in the (limited) number of decorations that I can create and their price, but that is worth it for me and for my customers as well.
  2. I create everything about the decorations myself, starting with the felting itself and finishing with the little hooks that the ornaments hang from.
  3. All ornaments are natural and biodegradable, except for the little hooks, which are made out of thin wire. The hanging thread I use, is also a natural hemp yarn.
  4. As with everything else My woolen Friends, the ornaments are all handmade, which is why they all vary from each other.
  5. All ornaments are sold in sets, whereas 1 set = 4 ornaments of the same design and various sizes.


Now, let me please present you the Christmas ornaments available this year:

1. “The Snowman”

“The Snowman” design is a clean, minimalistic portrayal of a snowman. The off-white color of the sphere will brighten up your Christmas tree and give it a lighter, airy vibe.

2. “Snowflake on Dark Red”

“Snowflake on Dark Red” is a simple, classic design. The colour of the sphere is of a beautiful deep, dark red that’s paired with a gentle, white snowflake pattern. This would be a special addition to a traditionally looking Christmas tree.

3. “Snowflake on Dark Blue”

“Snowflake on Dark Blue” is pretty much the same as the previous one (red), but with a little twist. The sphere is, this time around, of an elegant dark blue – think of the colour of a deep, deep sea…
This too would be a special addition to a traditionally looking Christmas tree.

4. “Candy”

“Candy” is a playful and joyful design suitable for those who maybe don’t take themselves very seriously, are a bit more bold and want their Christmas tree to stand out!

5. “Birdies”

“Birdies” were firstly thought of as Easter decorations but then I realized, that they can be used in more than just one setting: Easter, when welcoming autumn and as Christmas ornaments.

As Christmas ornaments, they would best be suitable for those less traditional and more inclined towards nature. This design would fit perfectly in a non traditional tree, maybe on something like a tree frame made out of sticks or wood.

So, these are the main 5 designs, that I have prepared for celebrating Christmas this year and I can only hope that you like them! 😊


Outside the Christmas tree ornaments, I have also looked into creating a winter decoration, that is just that. I wanted something that is not necessarily related to Christmas itself, but ti the winter holiday and that can be used however you see fit. That is why, I felted this adorable, little Snowman, named Frosty!

Outside the Christmas tree ornaments, I have also looked into creating a winter decoration, that is just that. I wanted something that is not necessarily related to Christmas itself, but ti the winter holiday and that can be used however you see fit. That is why, I felted this adorable, little Snowman, named Frosty! ⛄️❄️

Frosty has the power to melt your heart in an instance!
He will look adorable no matter where you place him, regardless if it’s on your desk, under the tree or on the window sill, looking outside and bringing joy to everyone that passes by!

For those of you who are still looking for something less traditional, you can choose a couple of these natural acorns as decorations for your Christmas trees. They come in various colours but I could imagine the white ones to offer the most contrast!
Also, I might be creating a few more other things but it’s not sure yet, it all depends on how much time I will have after creating all ornaments. But you can always get in touch directly about that or follow me on Instagram, where everything is always up to date! πŸ™‚


You can find my in person on December 5th and December 12th at the Christmas market @Weddingmarkt (Art- & Designmarket in Berlin-Wedding, @Leopoldplatz) or you can always pruchase your next Woolen Friends online through the online shop. Please feel free to get in touch directly if you have any questions about any of the mentioned items or on any other related topic.


Please keep in mind that the stock of each item/ set is limited and ordering in advance is very much preferred, so that I can deliver to as many of you as possible.
Last orders before Christmas will be shipped around the 13th of December, in order to avoid overloading the people who deliver all of our care packages. I’ll make sure to write another post about it soon.
Everything can be also be purchased and packed as a present.

Thank you very much to everyone who has taken their time to read through this long but (hopefully) joyful blog entry and I look forward to seeing you out there or online! πŸ™‚

Io from My Woolen Friends

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Packaging & Recycling

This is by far the post I am the most excited about! I’ve been thinking and planning to write this little piece since before the shop and blog ever existed! So let’s dive straight into it!

In this blog entry I am going to talk a little bit about how I pack and prepare the orders for shipping.

1. Environmentally friendly packaging
First of all, all orders are being shipped in solid cardboard boxes. I care about the environment, so I’m trying to be as environmentally friendly as I can. I guess it would even be somewhat ridiculous if I would be selling 100% natural decorations wrapped in a mountain of plastic, wouldn’t it? So, my approach to being environmentally friendly and conscious is to focus on using either paper-based wrapping supplies OR to recycle wrappers that I, myself, got at some point with other orders that I’ve made online. I have a dedicated space in my deposit room where I like to stack up on the good wrappers that I’m getting with my personal online orders.

Sometimes, the goods inside the package will be wrapped in plastic air-packs or bubble wrapping and as long as they are re-usable, I will keep those as well. With that said, it is possible that some of my orders will be wrapped in plastic, especially if the ordered decoration is way too small for the box it’s going to be shipped in; then, it’s safer and easier to fill the leftover space with some soft bubble wrapping or air-packs. But it is very important to me to stress out the fact, that I, myself, am not actively and/or purposely buying any plastic packaging in order to get my My Woolen Friends decorations shipped. When possible and practical, I do prefer to use paper for the packaging, but sometimes it’s just safer to use use some of the plastic wrappers. But even then, I am going to re-use wrapping that I, myself, already received with previous packages.

2. Recycled and hand-made gift wrapping paper
Any purchased item can be wrapped in a gift wrapping paper. This paper is, again, good quality paper that I have previously received with other packages. So, instead of throwing it in the trash, I transform it into original, beautifully coloured gift paper through the process of paper marbling. You can see in the photo below the approximate process of how I’m doing this paper. Once it’s done, I’ll let it dry for a couple of days and then it’s ready to be used! πŸ™‚ I think that’s a really nice and creative way of turning something average into something special. You can see in the photos below a very brief description of the paper marbling process.

P.S.: At the moment, I am wrapping every order in gift wrapping paper as a “thank you” for those who are placing the first orders through the online shop. However, this applies only to a limited number of orders.
I try to keep my posts short, so I hope you managed to get an idea of how I think in terms of packaging and shipping and that you enjoyed reading about it.
As always, thank you for being here and please feel free to roam around the web page & shop!

My Woolen Friends