• Fundraiser: Peace Doves for Ukraine 🕊️ (Part 2).
    The second round of donations, gathered from the needle felted peace doves, have been spent on medical supplies for the animals affected by the war in Ukraine. This time, the budget was of 21,00€ (7 x peace doves sold) and, as the last time, I topped it up a bit myself, bringing it to a […]
  • Spendenaktion: Friedenstauben für die Ukraine 🕊️
    Als Russland am frühen Morgen des 24. Februar 2022 in die Ukraine einmarschierte, fühlte ich mich, wie sicher die meisten von uns, schockiert, traurig, wütend und hilflos. Es ist herzzerreißend, vor dem Bildschirm zu sitzen und hilflos zuzusehen, wie es sich alles entwickelte. Ich bin nicht reich, ich bin kein großes Unternehmen. Ich bin eine […]
  • Fundraiser: Peace Doves for Ukraine 🕊️
    When Russia invaded Ukraine in the very early morning of February 24th 2022, I, as I’m sure a great majority of us, felt shocked, saddened, angry, helpless. It is heartbreaking to sit in front of the screen and watch helplessly as everything unfolds.I am not rich, I am no big company. I am a small, […]
  • Christmas goodies on the way! 🤶🎄✨
    In exactly one month from now, on December 5th, I’ll be participating in my very first Christmas market with My Woolen Friends! So, I thought this is a good opportunity and time to write a little bit about my Christmas related woolen friends. 😊 ✨ Christmas is without a doubt the most loved and anticipated […]
  • Price reductions in my store. Here’s why:
    I recently took an important step and changed the pricing for most of My Woolen Friends! I did this after careful consideration and after “sleeping on it” for the past couple of weeks. The last two participations at a craft market have helped me tremendously in terms of feedback and understanding what I want from […]