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Fundraiser: Peace Doves for Ukraine 🕊️ (Part 2).

The second round of donations, gathered from the needle felted peace doves, have been spent on medical supplies for the animals affected by the war in Ukraine.

This time, the budget was of 21,00€ (7 x peace doves sold) and, as the last time, I topped it up a bit myself, bringing it to a total of 30,00€. With this money, I was able to buy the following items:

– 25 syringes of 5ml (sterile)
– 25 syringes of 10ml (sterile)
– 50 syringes needles (sterile)
– 2 x 1l IV fluid (Kochsalz 0,9 % Isotonisch Ecoflac Infusionslösung)
– 3 x saline eye wash of 360 ml

Additionally (not bought), I was able to donate a transporter box and a leash.

All of these items have been dropped of on Sunday, the 16th of October at Petners.Berlin. They will then deliver all received donations to Ukraine at the end of October.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a peace dove and has, therefore, made this donation possible!

Help is important, no matter how small.